Principles of sauna

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1. Consult with your doctor if it is appropriate for you with regards to your health.

2. Do not visit the sauna hungry, but also not with a full stomach. Do not visit sauna exhausted.

3. Visiting sauna is used as a prevention of cold and flu not as a treatment.

4. Using sauna is not suitable for people with heart problems, high blood pressure, dermatitis or varicose veins.

5. It is recommended to go to sauna before dinner or at least 2 hours after dinner.

6. You should shower thoroughly and dry yourself before entering sauna for the first time.

7. Lay down or sit down on a sheet and massage your body while in the sauna – your blood flow will increase and you will clean your body of dead skin cells.

8. Breathe only through the mouth! Dry air dries mucous membrane and causes headache while breathing through the nose.

9. After perfect warming, which is 10-12 minutes, leave the sauna and have a quick wash with tepid water to remove sweat.

10. You can cool yourself by showering with cold water for a maximum of 5 minutes, by using the cooling pool or even snow (which can be more difficult for older people) for a maximum of 2 minutes or by sitting in the open air (don't forget to do some breathing exercises).

11. It is recommended to relax for at least 15 minutes and drink a lot of water after every sauna visit.


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